Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my new bff

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen...who out there has a Kindle? I got one from my inlaws for Christmas and I honestly am in L-O-V-E!! I never read anything other than magazines and crafty books, but now...I am on book number 4 since I got it Christmas Eve.  Can you believe that! I have found it very hard to figure out what types of books I really like (suggestions are REALLY welcome).  So far the ones I have read I really like (another post).

This post is not to toot Amazon's horn for the Kindle but for what I made and recieved for my new bff.  First lets talk about recieved.  For Christmas I this really cute vinyl for the back of my kindle:

It is from Esty (of course), I requested a custom order and she whipped it right up!

Secondly, not only do I share the love of the Kindle but, my besties do to! So of course while sewing my Kindle a new warm and cozy cover I made some for them! (my print is above it matches my owl decal perfectly and B's I forgot to take a picture of ...gasp!)

It took me a little over an hour to make 5 covers. Two I did with zippers....and that is the reason the others have buttons-HA!
Find a good book and snuggle up!

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  1. Aren't these great to make! I made one for my iPad and one for my mom's net book...not quite a s quick as you did though!