Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does your blood run red--Cornell Red---Hockey???

I have lived near Cornell University my whole life. As I grew older and married the hubster I also began to love hockey.  And there is this strange, magnetic, over powering conection between Cornell and Hockey! The Mens and Womens Hockey teams are simply amazing.  This is the sport...they sell out every season. The Womens team is ranked number 2 in the Ivy League and the Mens team is ranked right up there as well.  They always make it to the Frozen Four.  Again...something about Lynah Rink...its small but always packed.

A couple weeks ago my co-worker Erin (see picture below...she is a San Fran fan-Go Giants) gave me the most amazing opportunity.  She asked me to take pictures at the annual Red and White game with the Ithaca Little Mites. A bit of history (and not the snooze fest you are thinking) the Red and White game is the traditional first game of the season when all the Cornell Mens Hockey team split and play each other. Like I said previously, hockey is very popular here in the area, the Ithaca Little Mites are boys and girls around the ages of 7 or 8.  They get the prestigious honor of being the 4 string that night! Can I just say they worked so hard and were so cute.

That night I took over 500 pictures (oops) and after editing and cutting I ended up with 231...not too bad. Below are a few I really liked.

Oh and how could I forget the icing on the cake, I got to stand in the middle of Lynah Rink to take a team photo. Most people can only dream to stand in the middle of the ice after a friece game!

Thanks EO-I owe you!!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smart Idea...bad result!

Have you ever had an amazing idea...thought it through...and it just well FLOPPED! Que the violins...

I sure did. I am so disappointed in this, for real.  I had a brilliant idea...personalized match game for PJ. He is totally into Toy Story-Buzz, Woody, Jesse, all of them.  I had some stickers left over from his birthday party, just enough to make a set of 6 matching pieces. I ran to the craft store purchased some wood, painted them black (lack of a more fun color) and then stuck the sticker on...and reach for the Modge Podge.  Somewhere in those easy steps something went terribly wrong.  They look OK, but they stick together when you pile them up. Yeppers, stick together. So I ask all of my fellow blogging Modge Podgeusers:

What did I do wrong?

Did I not wait long enough between my three coats, did I pick the wrong finish? HELP!

Here they are in a pile before they made their way across the room to craft heaven (aka the garbage).  I might try again..I might not. Again, good idea, terrible outcome.

So I want to hear them...what terrible outcomes have you had (secretly asking please help me rebuild my craftiness mojo!)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't know about you, but I find cupcakes: FUN, crazy, cute and YuMmY!

I am not sure what it is lately but I just find myself completely in love with the idea of a cupcake, not so much as the taste of them (don't get me wrong I do a nice cupcake) but how people can create them.  Those perfect peaks upon the top of a moist and perfectly round cupcake top,talent!  There are some really amazing blogs out there just about cupcakes, and tons of stuff with cupcakes on them. 

Sites I heart about cupcakes:

This one is a fun design:

These are the sweetest things ever (and man are there a lot to pick from):

Check out these fun and colorful cupcake liners:

And for the walls too, this is simply awesome!:

Check out this sign:
Beat Batter and Bake Stuff Spoof Poster - 44 Colors (13x19) GET 1 FREE

I have a pipedream, well really a few, one I want to own a bed and breakfast but thats a whole other post (sticking to cupcakes here) I would love to have a bakery of nothing more than fun, simple, yummy, exciting, and pretty cupcakes!  I know this little dream will not happen as the current very small town I live in has 3 bakeries and that just may be enough for our town...for now!

So I will just live my dream via blogs and merchandise for now!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday-back on the wagon!

I have been lacking in sticking with my photo I am getting back on the wagon. 

This picture I took when we were at the beach this year. Alyvia is completely into headbands! Which is funny because when I was her age I had a yellow headband I NeVeR (and I mean never) took off. I guess that could be genetic too...right?

Anyway, Happy Friday!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Rainbow in the Fall

I am jumping on the rainbow cupcake bandwagon!  My hubbs just recently started coaching Alyvia's soccer team and we rotate snacks, it was my turn and thought yep I am going to try and make those.  Alyvia was super excited.
However, pay attention to the green you make...ours look like um, ya poo!

The other colors were pretty (notice the ACMoore receipt-ha).

Ashlyn (B's little one) and Alyvia enjoying their cupcakes after a hard soccer game.

Up close, the green didn't turn out too gross, totally thought it was going to however!

The kids loved them. I might not make them again because they were pretty time consuming with all the mixing but fun...and maybe for a special occasion.

Happy weekend , it going to be amazing here in Upstate NY, we are going to enjoy it, thats for sure.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A B C...

Alyvia just started Kindergarten this year and man does this kid have homework! About 20-30 minutes every night, I guess dear old mom and dad were not expecting that! They are learning their alphabet-lower and upper case.  Alyvia however already knew these from Little Sprouts (thanks Mrs. W). Therefore I had to think of a creative way to review them with her...enter tongue depressors.  I always keep them on hand, you never know when you need to use them to mix paint, smooth play dough...etc.

All I did was put the BIG letter on one end and the LITTLE letter on the easy! That way you can cover the other letter so she can't peek! (Sneaky mommy!)
I apologize for the lack of posting we are all finally settling into a routine with school, dance, and Steve is coaching Alyvia's soccer team. We are BuSy!  But I do have several projects in the works:
Finalizing my craft room
Re-doing the basement (complete overhaul)
Re-doing the front door
Started some Christmas projects
Holiday themed table runners

So I have been busy just haven't had time to post...they will come..until then...HaPpY CrAfTiNg!