Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A B C...

Alyvia just started Kindergarten this year and man does this kid have homework! About 20-30 minutes every night, I guess dear old mom and dad were not expecting that! They are learning their alphabet-lower and upper case.  Alyvia however already knew these from Little Sprouts (thanks Mrs. W). Therefore I had to think of a creative way to review them with her...enter tongue depressors.  I always keep them on hand, you never know when you need to use them to mix paint, smooth play dough...etc.

All I did was put the BIG letter on one end and the LITTLE letter on the easy! That way you can cover the other letter so she can't peek! (Sneaky mommy!)
I apologize for the lack of posting we are all finally settling into a routine with school, dance, and Steve is coaching Alyvia's soccer team. We are BuSy!  But I do have several projects in the works:
Finalizing my craft room
Re-doing the basement (complete overhaul)
Re-doing the front door
Started some Christmas projects
Holiday themed table runners

So I have been busy just haven't had time to post...they will come..until then...HaPpY CrAfTiNg!


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