Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't know about you, but I find cupcakes: FUN, crazy, cute and YuMmY!

I am not sure what it is lately but I just find myself completely in love with the idea of a cupcake, not so much as the taste of them (don't get me wrong I do a nice cupcake) but how people can create them.  Those perfect peaks upon the top of a moist and perfectly round cupcake top,talent!  There are some really amazing blogs out there just about cupcakes, and tons of stuff with cupcakes on them. 

Sites I heart about cupcakes:

This one is a fun design:

These are the sweetest things ever (and man are there a lot to pick from):

Check out these fun and colorful cupcake liners:

And for the walls too, this is simply awesome!:

Check out this sign:
Beat Batter and Bake Stuff Spoof Poster - 44 Colors (13x19) GET 1 FREE

I have a pipedream, well really a few, one I want to own a bed and breakfast but thats a whole other post (sticking to cupcakes here) I would love to have a bakery of nothing more than fun, simple, yummy, exciting, and pretty cupcakes!  I know this little dream will not happen as the current very small town I live in has 3 bakeries and that just may be enough for our town...for now!

So I will just live my dream via blogs and merchandise for now!


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