Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smart Idea...bad result!

Have you ever had an amazing idea...thought it through...and it just well FLOPPED! Que the violins...

I sure did. I am so disappointed in this, for real.  I had a brilliant idea...personalized match game for PJ. He is totally into Toy Story-Buzz, Woody, Jesse, all of them.  I had some stickers left over from his birthday party, just enough to make a set of 6 matching pieces. I ran to the craft store purchased some wood, painted them black (lack of a more fun color) and then stuck the sticker on...and reach for the Modge Podge.  Somewhere in those easy steps something went terribly wrong.  They look OK, but they stick together when you pile them up. Yeppers, stick together. So I ask all of my fellow blogging Modge Podgeusers:

What did I do wrong?

Did I not wait long enough between my three coats, did I pick the wrong finish? HELP!

Here they are in a pile before they made their way across the room to craft heaven (aka the garbage).  I might try again..I might not. Again, good idea, terrible outcome.

So I want to hear them...what terrible outcomes have you had (secretly asking please help me rebuild my craftiness mojo!)


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