Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Rainbow in the Fall

I am jumping on the rainbow cupcake bandwagon!  My hubbs just recently started coaching Alyvia's soccer team and we rotate snacks, it was my turn and thought yep I am going to try and make those.  Alyvia was super excited.
However, pay attention to the green you make...ours look like um, ya poo!

The other colors were pretty (notice the ACMoore receipt-ha).

Ashlyn (B's little one) and Alyvia enjoying their cupcakes after a hard soccer game.

Up close, the green didn't turn out too gross, totally thought it was going to however!

The kids loved them. I might not make them again because they were pretty time consuming with all the mixing but fun...and maybe for a special occasion.

Happy weekend , it going to be amazing here in Upstate NY, we are going to enjoy it, thats for sure.


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