Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knight=Boy Peggies

It seems like I am always making things for Alyvia...I needed to shift gears and make something for Porter.  My first boy peggie creation...A castle and Knights!

The castle was a bird feeder at Michaels. I started by making the door larger and then decided that just was not enough room to play...I just ripped the front off! (oops, but I like it soooo much better)

Next up are the knights, I used the flat bottom peggies with a mild sparkle gray. I also hand painted all the details.
Finished product:

Perhaps he needs a lady to rescue???


Thursday, December 23, 2010

15 minute Christmas Gift-legwarmers

While paroozing the blogging world I found this simple idea of making legwarmers for babies, well neither of my kids are babies anymore but one is a dancer!  She often says she is cold-perfect! Off to Target I went to buy some long socks. While there I decided on the adult knee socks-she can always scrunch them down if needed. (side bar-as I was shopping I said to myself: I cannot believe I am making my child legwarmers! They were so cool when I was a kid) The socks were only $2 a pair!

This project was super simple-it only took me 15 minutes to make both pair!

Nice fun colors for Alyvia!

Here they are all done! Sew simple (ha)

I am going to Target again today, I think I am going to make a few more pairs! They are so cute, I cannot wait until she opens them!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simply Fabulous Gift

Happy Wednesday morning, only 2 more days and the big guy comes! I don't know about your household but my kids are SUPER excited! The joy of being a child!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a thoughtful gift I received this Christmas. I work at Cornell University for the Chair of my department, she has 10 teaching assistants that I work with very closely all semester long. They are great 'kids' full of energy, goals, dreams, spunk, and thoughtfulness.  Below is the wonderful gift I received from them; a ball of super soft and luscious yarn, needles and a gift certificate to our local knitting store.

Thank you PAM 2300 TA's-it is very much appreciated!! 
Happy Holidays!

I hope you get a fun and thoughtful gift this year!

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

Day 4: Faith Hill-Joy to the World

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On the 9th Day of Christmas...

Day 9-Elvis and Martina McBride-Blue Christmas

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12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me....a holiday song everyday!

For the next 12 days, other than my normal posts here and there, I will be posting one of my favorite holiday songs for your listening pleasure. I hope they put you in the spirit to decorate, bake, spend time with friends and that you enjoy them!

Day 12-Brenda Lee-Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

What is your favorite song?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ahhh the perfect tree....

We took our annual family trip to Hunt's tree farm the first Sunday after Thanksgiving (as we always do) in search of the most perfect, tall, skinny tree...and I am happy to report that we found it!  All the credit must go to my hubby, he picked it out.

While searching Livy and I found this tree, I am not sure what happend to it.  But can you quess what it reminds me of?  Whoville-they always had strange looking trees!

After hanging all our amazing ornaments from the past and present it turned out magical.  I love having the tree up; sitting there with only the tree lights on, peaceful!

Every year I buy a cardinal ornament in memory of my grandfather, however this year we lost my grandmother, and  I am still dealing with that loss. My mom got herself, my sister and me the same ornament. Its just perfect.  Its a male and female cardinal-reminds me so much of grandpa and Memo.

What does your tree look like? Do you have any special family traditions picking the perfect one out?


Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new shape...for crayons that is

Who doesn't love a crayon? I do, I love opening a new box and seeing those perfectly pointy little tips, it truely makes me happy. And to boot I love to color. Whenever the kids want to, I am first in line! It is so relaxing.  Seriously!

Honestly who has 5000 crayons laying around their house most broken and looking a little sad.  I say lets help those crayons out!  Simple and easy to do:

Step one: take off all the wrappers (yes this is the most borning part)

Step two: cute those crayons up into smaller pieces.

Step three: place them in an oven safe bold, I got my at Joann's its for muffins/cupcakes

Step four: wait, they have to harden.

Step five: admire your hard work.

The kids and I made snowflakes since yesterday was our first official snow fall of the year!

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Happy Sunday!
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