Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new shape...for crayons that is

Who doesn't love a crayon? I do, I love opening a new box and seeing those perfectly pointy little tips, it truely makes me happy. And to boot I love to color. Whenever the kids want to, I am first in line! It is so relaxing.  Seriously!

Honestly who has 5000 crayons laying around their house most broken and looking a little sad.  I say lets help those crayons out!  Simple and easy to do:

Step one: take off all the wrappers (yes this is the most borning part)

Step two: cute those crayons up into smaller pieces.

Step three: place them in an oven safe bold, I got my at Joann's its for muffins/cupcakes

Step four: wait, they have to harden.

Step five: admire your hard work.

The kids and I made snowflakes since yesterday was our first official snow fall of the year!

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Happy Sunday!
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