Someday Crafts

This is the page where I am going to list my to do/wish list.  Everything on here I want to complete someday...ahhh dreams!

1. Travel doll house for Alyvia-One Yard Wonders by R. Yaker and P Hoskins
2. Travel Farm for PJ-One Yard Wonders by R. Yaker and P Hoskins
3. Garden Bag for Nana
4. Number Bean Bags
5. Cell Phone Cozy
6. Barbie Bag Carrrier
7. Pot Holders-Christmas gifts
8. Indoor Hopscotch board
9. Thanksgiving Advant
10. Library bags
11. Sew a skinny scarf
12. Felt Food
13. Rollie Pollies-pattern from Dana at Made
14. Make small quilts for kids
15. Make a travel all purse/bag for myself
16. Finish Alyvia's summer dresses 0/3
17. Paper Alphabet Quilt (
18. Floor pillows