Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome & My Bucket List

Simple. Inspired. Homemade. Three outstanding words to describe me, my life.

I am a working mom of two kids, 4 and 1 yr. old; they keep me on my toes and inspired to say the least. They remind me every day to look at the little things and see things via their eyes. My life is by no means calm, tidy, or perfect, but it’s my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Why blog? My friends are often amazed at my ability to "run" on no sleep (5 hrs is good for me), why add another thing to my very over flowing plate...I could spend hours, even days reading blogs. I often get "lost" in them. They inspire me daily, people in general are astonishing. They are creative, kind, generous, and the list could go on and on. This leads me to my blog. If I can find time working full time, a wife and mother to do SIMPLE crafts/projects...so can anyone! Just have to have a little faith in yourself.

How did I choose the name: first I made a list of words I thought would be perfect (and that didn't have 1 million other blogs), then my friend Mel and I spit off things that came to mind about that particular word. Leading to the three words, Simple, Inspired, and Homemade. They are me! (She is a pretty groovy chic too). SIMPLE: I do not have a lot of time for projects, who does! INSPIRED: My family, friends, and other bloggers really keep me going. I love seeing an idea and putting my spin on it to change it up. Lastly, HOMEMADE: Honestly, who doesn't love getting something homemade? Cookies, a quilt, a photo album, card, even something as small as a pair of earrings, I love making those things to see the receivers face light up! It truly warms my heart!

Next up my Craft Bucket List:Everyone knows what a bucket list is....well I am doing one for my crafts. I am a list person and a huge planner. I have to be! The top 10 on my list are:

1: Table Top Tent, I saw this on a blog: Homemade by Jill (homemadebyjill.blogspot.com)-I changed things and plan to have it done by Christmas as a together gift for my kids. I really love this blog, she is super cool.

2: Camera Strap Cover (a fun and simple project for me) ETA: Before the ladies shopping trip next weekend, I would like it to make its debut.

3: Advent Stockings-Dec 1, 2009

4: My daughters Princess Peggies. I have previously made her two very large Peggie Families, but now she wants Princesses (I want to try and make Santa and Mrs. Claus too)

5: Make 1 purse: I bought the pattern a LONG time ago, just need to do it.

6: Make an apron-it is almost Christmas cookie time!

7: Make mittens for friends from my daughter’s old sweaters.

8: Valentines Garland (Thought I should get that on there ...maybe it will get done in time)

9: Finish my Alphabet Photos

10: Start and Finish my letter D project-I have a bare wall and a vision.

I hope you like day 1, come in, enjoy, and come back to see the finished projects! And maybe my crafts will INSPIRE you!


  1. This looks like its gonna be fun Tina!~Heather B

  2. I love the name and the philosophy. This makes me think I can do it too!