Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cookies, Cookies, and a Camera Strap

The bucket list coming along nicely. I finished one thing on my list...the camera strap. Its the first I ever did, and I thought I padded it too much (however very comfortable), but after reviews from fellow co-workers they disagreed. I love the fabric, I previously made a bag from it and had just enough left. It coordinates with the inside of my camera bag, pink and black. So needless to say, I really like it. Now just need to add something on the bucket list to replace it..hey might as well try and keep 10 on the list at all times!

Pumpkins, Bats, Ghosts, and Witch Hats-oh my! Tonight, my daughter and I made cookies for her Halloween party at school. Sugar cut out cookies, it was adventure. She really, I mean really likes sprinkles. I think they may rot out the other kids teeth, the local dentist will be very happy! HA. I always use the same recipe I found many moons ago, and a frosting recipe from my mom, they are oh so good! I have uploaded a few pictures, I am sure you can taste them via the computer! I hope the kids enjoy them.

Happy Thursday!

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