Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween, Crafts, and more.

Hello all, I hope your Halloween weekend was fun and exciting. Other than visiting grandparents, family, and friends on Halloween night, I had a very busy crafty weekend! Love that.

First off, I made Alyvia some additional Peggie People for her collection. This time they are to be like the Disney Princesses per request of course (Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Auroa). It was fun to make them super girly...glitter and all. (Even thought I can not stand glitter) They are so much fun. I purchase naked Peggies from Etsy:, they always say they are addicting to create, they are right. I find they are very peaceful to paint, well, when Livy isn't directing me on colors for dresses and eyes (she wanted yellow eyes, creepy). I have plans to make many more, she would like Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa. They are on order. I highly recommend trying them out. Perhaps when PJ is a little older I will make some super hero ones.
On to project number two, this coming weekend is our annual Ladies Trip, a group of us moms go away for the weekend, and shop, laugh, shop, laugh, eat...and so on. Its so much fun, I think we are really look forward to it, and need it! Between the 4 of us there are 9 kids! So I made them all a special gift bags with goodies to get us through the weekend, I can not tell you what is in them...yet. I will post next week after they have received their bags.
And the final project of the weekend were the letters F-A-M-I-L-Y. I have a really cool idea in mind, but I could not foresee spending $4-5 a piece for them, so I recycled a Huggies box (thanks PJ) and cut them out myself. Yep lost feeling in my thumb after a while, until late last night! Weird not recommend it! HA. I then proceeded to dig deep into my scrapbooking stash and found paper that was really fun and happy. Covered the letters and then embellished, again from my scrapbooking stash. Once I do what I plan on doing (surprises are crazy right?!?!?) I will hang them in my newly reorganized and gussied up Craft room.
And finally, I am coming along on the table top tent. I cut and sewed two eggplants, two turnips, and two flowers! A small step, a very small step, but a step non the less. I hope you enjoy my projects....more to come!
Have a great Monday!

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