Monday, November 30, 2009

HAPPY 2010! (and a little Christmas too)

Remember when we said "Gonna party like its 1999" well, can you believe its 2010! Man, time is flying right by, I hope everyone is slowing down to look at all the wonderful little things around you!

I have finished many projects! And have many, MaNy, MANY more in the works. I love it, I got so many amazing books for Christmas for ideas: Martha's A to Z Crafts, Weekend Sewing, Warm and Fuzzy (a felting book), a patch work book, and I believe one more. I also got this really inspiring calendar for my desk at work called: 2010 Sewing Calendar, every three days there is a new idea for you, most seem simple, but hey I am only on the second one! My holidays were amazing! I spent time with my awesome family, my kids were just a touch over spoiled with their 5 Christmas'! Yep I said 5 (divorced parents). Here are few things that have been completed:
These are the super cute and easy brownie Christmas trees I made for my daughters Polar Express day at Little Sprouts (found the idea on Just bake your brownies like normal, flip them out of the pan cut into triangles, and frost with green or white frosting. Then...Sprinkle away!!!
I made felt ornaments for all my fellow co-workers a total of 10! So much fun, here are just a few (sorry about the pictures I was so excited to give them away I forgot to take pictures and then had to do it at work with um not the best lighting!): The first are a set of white felt mittens with some stiching, the second is just a stuffed round one, which then made me think of sugar cookies for the kids to play with made out of felt-next project, then, my awesome owl, the first I ever did, LOVE HIM, I am into owls lately... and lastly an ornament. I hand stiched them all! Phew!

Next up...I saw this on a blog, and forgive me I have been reading so many lately I lost where I found this....a wall of "D's". I have painted a total of 9 different wooden D's all black and I am in the process of hanging them on the wall when you first walk into our house. They are starting to look really cool. And just incase I ever change my mind I am using the new picture velco stuff, aswsome. Here is a picture with a few up....

Here are few of my Chritmas decorations around our house. We had several trees, only one real! Thank goodness. The Mr and Mrs Claus my mom made when were kids! Enjoy them. The very last one is of my sons feet in the lights...Twinkle Toes! Cute, I love them piggies!!

A next very small project that I did was glam up a outlet cover. I know that everyone must have them, the safety covers for outlets....with a 1 year old I have them....EVERYWHERE. Sometimes they are just so ugly, they need a little pick me up. So I went to Michael's Craft store bought two dino's. I just hot glued them on and....poof....instant make over! Love them. And look really cute in his rooms as well!

Well, there will be many more projects and a very exciting adventure for me this year! More to come on that! I hope your first week of the new year has started off with a bang and continues to be amazing!
Until next time...

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