Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy Peasy Hair Clips

My awesome daughter turns 5 in just a few weeks, this will be the first birthday she is having all her little friends over from either daycare, school, or dance class. Her theme is Tinkerbell. I am not a mom that wants to load other peoples (friends) kids up on sugar, aka: candy.  So I wanted to do something fun and rememberable!  So I am giving each girl a crayon roll in corrdinating colors of Hot Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Pink.  I also made up hair clips today, never did that before, much easier than I thought it would be.  I think I may have lost a fingerprint or two in the processes from burning myself but hey...its worth it they are super cute. And once I started it was hard to stop! Ha.  I got my aligator clips at Sally's a box of 100 for $5, what a deal if you ask me.  And I originally only saw a small pack and asked for the bulk set, so make sure you do or you will be paying $5 for 20.  Ohhh I would have been so annoyed.  Anyway, the product is super cute, and I did a few extra for Alyvia...just because I love her.   I cut a 2.5 inch circle with my Cricket and stamped the words "Lets Party" and a row of presents. 
Just because I had these cute blue felt flowersA orange sampleA hot pink and purple flower one

Alyvia's party favor #1
Alyvia's party favor #2
Alyvia's party favor #3
Alyvia's party favor #4
Happy Sunday.

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