Monday, August 2, 2010

have you seen this?

First let me say I am not by any way being paid by Sharpie (however it is my favorite writing tool-home and work)  to endorse this product.

I found these little paint pens at Michaels...I will admit that I hesitated on the purchase due to the price (yes I am frugal), man was I happy when I used them!  They are simply amazing. I used them on my wine glasses and for my peggies, two different mediums; glass and wood, and they worked amazing.

I would highly recommend purchasing a couple; at least in the basic colors anyway.  I am tempted to get every color (who knows perhaps a Sharpie person is reading this right now and a box of Sharpies will come to me---ahhh wish, dream, wake up).  Check out for all the amazing colors there are! One day to have them all.

So clip that coupon and run on down to pick up your very own little slice of heaven!


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