Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, its been a very busy weekend. I had this past Friday off...ahh three day weekend you say-but just one more day to do more stuff. And stuff  we did.  This post is going to be such a hodge podge of items.

Friday-PJ and I took Livy to school came home and played, just the two of us, we hardly ever get to do that.  Picked Livy up and later we went to Friendley's for dinner and the toy store. Livy had some tooth fairy/Easter/Birthday money just buring a hole in her pocket and since Polly Pockets were BOGO she was in 5 year old heaven! 

Saturday-Livy, PJ, and I spent the night at my Nana/Mema's.  Hubby was installing hardwood floors Sat. and Sun. therefore I thought it be best the kids and I just were not there! Smart women (its ok to think that-right?).  We played outside for a while, it was so nice. PJ loves wearing his rainboots-even when its not raining. 

Sunday-just a lazy day, my hubby did an amazing job putting in the floors. Yeah three years later and I have a carpetless dinningroom! I was in 31 year old heaven! Later B and I went and saw The Back Up Plan-so funny! Highly recommend it! Literally laughed out load!  Here is the link incase you want to check it out:

I finished a small project I was working on I just need to take some pictures of it, and I am in the process of washing some fabric I got to make myself a skirt. So excited-I hope it turns out ok.  I have never sewn anythng for myself before! Wish me luck!

One last thought-Today Livy says to me "I literally couldn't find it."  Did she just literally use the word literally?  I proceeded to think to myself I must use that all the time-whoops! It was cute anyhow.

What did you do this weekend-sew? movie? be with family?


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