Monday, May 10, 2010

Whoo Whoo is knocking at the door?

They do not officially have names but we shall call them Purple and original!  I love owls, that is a fact they are so fun looking and you can really make them look like anything. I saw some stuffed owls on the blog world and etsy.  My kids are really not stuffed animal children, but these are actually funtional!

First; they have a loop on their heads to hang, I hung ours on the kids bedroom doors.  Pink=Livy Orange=PJ.  Like so...
Second; on the back they have a little pocket (made out of canvas so that they are sturdy) either for a note, small toy, or candy.  The possiblities are endless for these little guys.  They are made out of felt. Again, left over from the table top tent (will it ever end-my husband asks daily!)
They hold about a 4x6 index card folded in half.

I love these I might make more for my friends children, its soo nice to see them excited when there is a small somthing for them. Somedays it just says 'I love you'.  And that will just start anyones day right...right?
So I wonder whoo whoo will be knocking at your door?

Happy Monday

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  1. Oh they make me smile. So sweet. And I love the note idea.

  2. Cute and the back pocket is a great idea. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!