Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Laundry Room Redo/Ideas

Hi everyone, I know its been a long time...we have been crazy busy here in our house.  And I am thinking it is not going to get any better.  I just booked our mini summer vacations. Since my Mema is sick we are not going to take any long vacations just a few overnight trips, the first one up is Sesame Place in PA.  I am so excited Porter is in love with "Melmo" aka Elmo right now.  It should make for some great memories.
With the busy life comes very little time for crafts and sewing, I have a few projects but have not edited the pictures to post yet. So I thought I would mention my dream (ok one of many decorating dreams);  I want to re-do our laundry room. I know strange but I walk by it everyday, use it multiple times a day, and when people come to visit they too have to walk by it to go to the restroom.  Therefore I want it pretty, inviting, creative, and useful (I guess) all at the same this possible I must ask?

I have search the internet over and thought I found true love...just kidding; flashback: Hee Haw, and found some really cool ideas...what do you think? Thoughts? Ideas? Pictures of your own?

Photo Courtsey of Country Living Magazine
I really like the drying rack hanging on the wall, great use of space.

Photo from

 I love the color, the cabinets, the organization...its so clean and put together!  The cabinet for the basket is super cute but yet functional too.

Sorry, I can not remember where I found this picture.

How fun is the tile work? The robin's egg blue cabinets? I could do many loads of laundry in here!

Photo courtsey of
This would be really cute and fun to hang over the door.

Photo courtsey of
Again super fun, exciting, welcome, and looks so nicely put together. Jealous!  The lights are a cool way to have some lighting and accent the pictures at the same time.

Photo courtsey of
 What words could really describe this other than simply amazing. The organization with the high cabinets, color matching right to the hook on the side.

I actually have this vision in my head (not of sugar plums either) but of exactly this.  I want a more efficient way to store small things like hats, gloves, scarfs, etc.  And this shelf with hooks for coats and baskets for the rest is an awesome idea!

Well that is all the ideas I will share with you for now,  I hope you find something inspiring on the web today.

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  1. Oh my gosh...I think we were separated at birth Tina! I had no idea you loved this crafty stuff so much. You've got to check out my blog...