Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing Machine here I come!

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend I have cut, Cut, and CUT many projects out.  I am getting ready for a sewing fest!  I trimmed out Alyvia's spring dress, cut some cute felt food, a present for B (she doesn't what it is yet), measured out some plans for a surprise for Alyvia, prepared/drew out some "toys" for the beach traveling (I know its months away but I am a planner)....I have been busy my poor little hands are tired from all that measuring and scissor use!  Getting ready I made myself a little pin cushion. I will not tell a lie I previously had my pins in a recycled box and everytime I went to get one, yep, I stabbed myself. I said NO MORE.  I have a lot of baby food jars left, I have given some away, used some for lunches, but have many left, what a perfect storage container for them and the top, well I can make the perfect little cushion for I did! This was so easy!

Supplies: clean baby food jar, a piece of felt cut into a circle (about 8"), hot glue, fun ribbon

Next cut a circle pc of felt, weave a needle with floss on it and then... pull tight to make your 'ball' and stuff!

Place on top of the baby food and hot glue, pick some super cute ribbon and hot glue around the top of the lid, be very careful NOT to glue the top on.

Finished Project-Pins on top

and store them inside!

Have a great day, will post a few other things soon!

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  1. Great idea! I've got droves of those things lying around and they've got to get useful! so glad I found you through blue cricket's link up today...thanks for the great tip!!