Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreaming of the beach

While it is snowing, cold, bitter, and blowing all around, what is a better thing to do than book your summer vacation! Yes sir, that is what I did over the weekend. I booked our summer vacation at the beach, and it must have been a sign when on my way home from the store I heard "Under the Boardwalk".  We (my DH and I) first went to the beach together on our honeymoon and we have been back every year since, this will be our 10th year.  I can hardly believe it.  There are so many things that I love about the beach-first; the ocean, I love that smell as we get closer the salt water, second; the boardwalk, there are so many awesome things to do there and so many people from all walks of life, third; shopping!  Who can resist outlet malls and specialty shops...not I.  I can feel the sun on my back and the sand between my toes!  How many more months....until then:
The view of the coastline from a priate ship (yes a priate ship)-"ahoy maties"

Can you hear the waves crashing? And the smell of the ocean?

My kids are scared of these little guys!

And their little foot prints.

Dear beach, we will meet again...soon!

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