Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Calendar Girl

Happy Sunny Friday! Can you believe it, Spring is here (ok, so they are calling for some snow next week...but I am holding out!).  I have my windows open, fresh breeze coming in, kids playing with sidewalk chalk and their swing set! Yes!

The project I did this week stems from a few things. One I live in a raised ranch and I am finally getting around to decorating the entrance way-its only been 3 years- I started with a large display of different sized and shaped black letter D's on the wall.  And now thanks to Mr. Weatherman I am going to paint this small green corner table I have black this weekend, yes things are shaping up nicely.  But, I need something to put on the table.  (I am trying to avoid spending a lot of money due to our vacation this year).  I went to Michaels bought a dollar unfinished picture frame, painted it black. And that was the start!  Then I made different pictures/sayings for each month of the year with my scrapbook paper! I am an avid scrapbooker, I have just lost my way.  I have a TON of stuff, why not use it for...something. That is just what I did. Check out the pictures below. Its the same frame just swap out the picture. The best part...the little table has a small drawer just big enough to store the extras in! Yeah! Cute and functional!

The months are:
Janurary: Snow
February: Valentine's Day
March: St. Patricks Day
April: Easter
May: Spring
June: Flowers
July: 4th
August: Summer
September: Fall tree
October: Halloween
November: Thanksgiving
December: Christmas

There you have a calendar of sorts! (and if you go away signing calendar girl-sorry-I have been!) I have many projects in the works-happy weekend everyon!

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