Saturday, June 19, 2010

How good are you?

My daughter is 5...and I thought it was time for chores to start. While flipping around my Family Fun magazine there was an article about a mom with 5 children and she started a marble jar system.  While reading I thought I could do I did! We are on day 4 and its going really well. She gets excited to add the marbles when she completes a task and if she loses one (perhaps a small rolling of the eyes) she is starting to understand why.  With out further ado...the Marble Jar.

First I found a old frame and painted it a burnt red color and inserted the list of items and the worth.
Painted a mason jar with an A and polka dots:

The lid I padded with a piece of craft foam and covered with a fun fabric.

And finally the duo wait for the tink of a marble to fall.

Happy weekend!

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