Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SYTYC-Sunny Days Keeping the Clouds Away

The sun is shining what a great day!

As you may know I was voted onto Session 4 of So You Think Your Crafty.  My audtion craft was a fun, cute, functional craft...a sunglass holder for your car!

Some have asked for a tut on this so your wish is my command (for certain things I can not renew the three wishes....ha!)

1-Start out by picking some super fun fabric. I have had this laying around for a long time and I just love it and thought this was a perfect craft for it.

2-Cut two pieces of fabric 5x9" (you can customize this size if you wish to fit your car visor better)
Cut two pieces of felt, for padding, 5x9"
Cut one piece of cardboard, for stability, 4x8" (this will be the finished size)

3- Sew the cardboard into the felt, you can just top stich it due to you will be inserting this into the pretty pocket soon.

4-Next you will need to make the hooks.  I used 2"x 8" pieces of coordinating fabric.  Fold in half the long way, then fold over about .5" on each side and iron, see below picture.

5-You will then top stich around each piece, I used 4 since I have four people in my family.  You will then have pretty little retangles like the picture below.  At this point you will need to align them on the top part of the fabric and sew only ONE end to the fabric, I used a 'X' to hold it tight. On the opposite end place a piece of velcro. I used some I already had there were sticky on the back, easy peasy.

6- Align your top fabric face to face and sew along three sides, if you wanted to add some pretty details like ribbon this is the time to align it and sew it between the two top pieces. Flip right side out, insert the felt/cardboard combo. During this process is when you will also sew in your elastic band. I used two pieces about 10", you want it somewhat tight on the visor.

7- Tuck in your remaining side, ribbon, and elastic band and top stich all around the piece.

8-Once all the top stiching is done, place the otherside of the velcro piece (via sticky-ness) to line up with the other piece on the hooks.

9-Finally add your sunglasses and enjoy!!!!

(in the car)

Just a small reminder that Session 4 of SYTYC starts on July 9th, check it out!



  1. Ooh I love it again lol, thanks for the tute! Going fabric shopping tomorrow so I will look out for something cute for my car :-) xx