Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let them roll, around the track

 Having a son now I need to start thinking of more boy crafts, thanks to awesome bloggers around the internet world you can find awesome things. Jill from Homemade by Jill and Dana and Made always provide amazing ideas! The first thing I saw that I knew I had to make for PJ was a car cozy! This may have been back when he was a little guy, say 5 months old or so, but still I book marked that! And I did it!  I love the way it came out.  I had so much extra felt from the house I used that, it holds up so nice...steardy!

First I started by measuring out my flashy green felt, and my o-so-crystal clear blue pond.  I used canvas as the outside fabric...must be tough for boys...right?

Then I added a very vibrant red pocket and ric rac trim to cover the seam and sewed away.  I made four pockets for the cars and put two straps for closure on the cozy.
Top stiched it all the way around, and don't get me wrong I love to sew but man did this take
F-o-R-e-V-e-R!  Well, ok, maybe not but it seemed that way!

I then drew a nifty little race track out of black patterned fabric and used iron transfer to put it on the felt. I was a little nervous that it would burn the felt but it didn't (thank goodness).  And as an added bonus I didn't have to sew it on. I am sure if you wanted to you could, I however do not feel overly confident in my curvy sewing.

And just because I wanted a little extra texture I added some grass out of a lovely grassy green embrodiery floss, cute and fun.
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