Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tweet...someone got married.

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

Today I am going to be blogging about a little project I did for a fellow co-worker. M just recently got married in May, her theme for the wedding was very natural, earthy, nature inspired.  She made the vast majority of her decorations herself. Ok, her hubby made a few things that required power tools. I was really honored when she asked if I could make her pie (I said pie) topper.  Sticking with her theme I went with birdies.  The pattern I used I found on the internet, and forgive me I have since lost the site but I found this one at Lolly Chops blog.

With out further ado:
Print the pattern or make one of your own.  You will only need scraps of fabric for these, cut out the pattern and pin your belly to the bird body.
Sew about 1/4" seam, watch out for the pins they will get you...I use a lot as you can see.
After sewing leave the tail end open for stuffing, I used regular old stuffing nothing fancy.  You want to stuff it so they are firm.  Add a little extra because once you sew up the tail you can push it down to make that a little soft too.
I apologize I didn't take any pictures of sewing up the tail, it was not  fun.  Perhaps you will have better luck that I did.  I finall got it done however.

I a pleased to introduce the Groom:
And the Bride:
I added a couple little fabric rosettes to make her have some embellishment, I sewed them on by hand.

After they were ready I hot glued them onto a wooden plaque I got at AC Moore. I painted it cream to keep with the colors. And I didn't like how plain it looked so I glued some ribbon/string around it.


Congratulations M & P!


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  1. sorry you were knocked off already :( Love this little project. super cute.