Monday, February 8, 2010

A is 5!!

My little girl turned five this past week, it so hard to believe where the time has gone. She had three parties! Yeppers three. One with her friends from school, one with just grandparents on her actual birthday and this past weekend with everyone else in the family! It seemed like she was turning 5 for 7 days! Ha. The theme of the week was Tinkerbell. I made all three of her cakes! Very time consuming and I could not use my hand after piping all the icing, but I love to see her face when it is done!

I always make my own icing, it’s the simplest recipe but sooo yummy! The first cake was for her “girly” party, a Tinkerbell face. I used the Wilton cake pan, find that here I previously bought cakes for their birthdays, however I have decided it would mean so much more to make my/our own. Alyvia is at that age where she will help me; use the mixer, pour some of the ingredients in, pick out the frosting colors, and this time she actually piped some of the flowers! My big girl. Happy birthday baby girl! The big 5!!!


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