Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new place to live-

It's finished! I can not believe it, finally!  I stated this project at the tale end of November in hopes it would be done for Chirstmas, life happend and that didnt.  Well Friday night while watching the Olympics I finished sewing the final two sides...and I admit that I did a little happy dance! My husband said "you are weird but I love you"- thanks hun! I think he knew just how excited I was to finish this project in time to give my two little Valentine's a special gift. And truely from the heart!  Thank you to Jill from  she gave me the idea and I changed it a bit from hers to adapt to my kids.  Side one is the front: the door (bright orange), a yellow mailbox, a window with the panes cut out and flower garden.  Side two: the farm the barn door opens to allow crawling in and out, a pig and a chic.  Side three: the tree, right now there are 5  apples to pick and an owl-I want to make some pears in the future.  And the final side is the veggie garden.  The mailbox on the front side opens so that the kids can "mail" letters to each other. 

This project even though it took me A LOT longer than I thought it would I am super proud of it and the kids LOVED it-Enjoy, I know my kids are!!!



  1. I LOVE the simplicity of the tree! I might copy you, if that's ok?

  2. Oh my word, I should have made sure to link to this in my post because I made my tree WAY more complicated. I'm almost done with one side, so hopefully I can finish that up and post about it tonight! Thanks for checking!