Thursday, February 25, 2010

When it snows ALL day...

When it does this all day (pardon the bad pix I was taking it from inside)....

All you can do! I have been a sewing lady tonight. I have sewn a half a Mother's day gift, a mini Easter tree skirt (I will post just as soon as I have the very last part done), the panels for my bulletin board, and put it together...all in about 2 hours! Busy little lady!

The story of the BB (bulletin board); I work at a Ivy League University and my building is currently having some MAJOR overhauling so they, meaning facilities, from time to time offer office supplies/furniture for free. When the opportunity came up for a free bulletin board, I got TWO! Free is free...right? They have been sitting in the garage for a while now. I mainly got them for my craft room to post my current projects or ideas that I have found I have to do. Well I hung it up and…blah! So boring, that isn’t going to do, this is my creative workspace it needs some PeP! The wood trim I gave a nice coat of black semi gloss, that looked better already, but I still was not convinced. Needed something more….ahhh fun fabric! I knew I wanted to go with purple as its my favorite color, and the green was just a last minute decision. It has a little pattern nothing crazy, some small circley flower things.

I got home with my fabric, the purple looked good however this BB is much larger than I remembered. Lets face it no matter how many times you measure sometimes it just doesn’t set in until you are ready to tackle sed project. That’s where the panels come in. I just zipped them through the sewing machine and…T a Da. Lovely. Last step was to trim the edges and tuck them under the edging. I love it! I can not wait to hang it back up and see the difference.

The next step in my craft room; I want to borrow an overhead projector from my friend, he is a school teacher (they still have those don’t they?) and write fun, inspiring, and creative words on the wall and paint them, like they are floating. Pipe dream for the moment.
(Close up of the fabric-simple and cute right?)
Well, off to bed I go, I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow ….not that will happen but we can wish for a three day weekend.

(See much bigger than you think-its covering my whole kitchen table!)


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