Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday and Silhouettes

Hello!  What an awesome day it was today, the sun was actually shinning! Can you believe it.  I went to a movie today with my besties...B, A, and K...missed you J.  Okay this is where it gets tricky...they saw Precious, I saw Dear John. It was so good. I cried the vast majority of the time, but none the less it was great, two thumbs up!

I started 4 projects today.  Can't just do one thing at a time, watching the paint or modge podge dry is a waste of precious time, I can sew something...right, thats multi tasking at its best! I have been continuing to work on my mother's day gifts, started a quilted tree skirt for my Easter tree, and a upcycle project. Busy, busy busy!

Lately the trend all over the internet is Silhouettes.  I remember when we were little my sister, my childhood friends, and myself used to sit in front of a flash light and trace our heads on paper that was taped to the wall.  We were so cool back then and like anything great they are becoming popular again!  (Insert a great 80's tune)  When I was at a local store with a bullseye they had them but I would rather have my own kids than some strangers head hanging on my wall! Ha.  I know someone out there can relate to that...right? Throw me a bone here.  Anyway I search my 8000 pictures I have on my computer and found two good silhouettes of the kids, printed them off and went from there.

1-Upcycle some old pictures-these used to be in my apartment...11 years ago (literally), the frames and glass are in great shape.

2- Trace and cut the outline of the person you wish to have a silhouette of-in black

3-Paste or stick the "head" on to another paper, and you can stop there. I however added some scrapbooking touches-ribbon and my kids names.

4-Hang and enjoy.

I really like the way they turned out.  The names are not that dark so its hard to see them which is fine by me because I want the focus to be the silhouette.  I am going to hang them in my craft room, since my children give me so much inspiration!  I am working on another project for there as well, some day we will recover from the minor flooding....ahhh dream.

I hope everyone has a enjoyable Monday....

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